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Basics in Excel

Group Founder: miirfan
Description: Creating for my personal use, you are free to benefit from.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 0
Category: Business, Work, and School > General

Topics (7)

go By-Pass Password (0) miirfan
Use vba for worksheet and software for encrypted filefb:

go A-z without dragging (0) miirfan
A-z without dragging =CHAR(64+COLUMN(A1)) or use this one =CHAR(65+ROW(A1)+COLUMN()-2)

go Rank for passing (0) miirfan
Rank for passing =If(minimum (a2:c2)35,''-'',average (a2:c2)

go Get only first digit integer (0) miirfan
Get only first digit integer =1+MOD(A1-1,9)

go For Bank & IFSC code: India (0) miirfan
List of NEFT enabled bank branches(EXCEL):

go Get Characters & no's in diff cells (0) miirfan
Get uae and no's in diff cells UAE1111111111=RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-FIND(''UAE'',A1)-2)

go Keyboard Shortcuts (0) miirfan
shift+f3 for caseCtrl+K Insert HyperlinkCtrl +1 Format dialog boxCtrl +2 boldCtrl +3 ItalicCtrl +4 UnderlineCtrl +5 StrikethorughAlt+h+s+o+u is shortcut for